Das greenscreen Fotostudio in Berlin, günstig mieten bei evergreen studios

Your Green Screen Rental Studios in Berlin


Our rental studio EVERGREEN is based in Berlin Neukölln and we offer you a wide range of film and photo equipment for your productions in one of the most exciting places in town. An upswinging district, we are convinced, needs to unite the following philosophy: state-of-the-art equipment and service-oriented customer support to one fair price.

By walking through the district you will find countless places and motives telling you a contagious timeless story with their unique urban athmosphere. We at EVERGREEN want to help you realising your ideas in to this mind.

floor plan

Grundriss des greenscreen Filmstudios in Berlin, günstig zu mieten


We have all the technologies and services you need to perfectly implement your projects.
  • filmcameras up
    to 4K, highspeed,
    lenses, monitoring
  • photocameras,
    flash units
  • daylight and artificial
    light, flickerfree,
    grip, daylight-independent
  • over 10m infinity cove
    with a corner,
    green & white, paper backgrounds
  • acoustic decoupled,
    noise insulation doors – 72 db
  • sound equipment,
    microphones, recorder,
    seperate sound control room
  • editing rooms with
    FCP 7, Avid, Adobe
    Premiere, After Effects
  • exciting
    shooting locations
  • livestream,
    multi-camera productions
    live on the internet
  • professional personnel
    of all departments upon
  • 24/7 support for your
    photo and film productions
  • parking spaces,
    goods lift,
    café in the yard


greenscreen filmstudio in berlin mieten
Filmstudio mit bluebox in Berlin mieten
Greenbox Mietstudio in Berlin
Mietstudio mit greenscreen in Berlin. Fotostudio oder Filmstudio
greenscreen oder bluebox filmstudio Berlin
günstiges Mietstudio in Berlin mit greenscreen


Elsenstraße 52, 2.HH, 1.OG Loftetage
12059 Berlin

Managing directors:
Jakob Huber & Sebastian Holzapfel

+49 30 - 68 084 100


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